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Latest Release: v0.82

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Vectoroid saves its data in an open JSON-based file format, so it can be read by the web.

The library code to read, write & render the files is open-source, so drawings can be opened and used in other applications.

The hope is that this will spur a class of drawing based apps that can use or animate the things people draw on their devices.

TODO's ( or in progress ... )

  • Arcs for SVG Paths.
  • Arc, Bezier , Point editing.
  • Convert points to cubic.
  • Bitmap caching of layers and groups.
  • Snapping.
  • Text-alignment and effects (super/sub-script, italics, etc).
  • Clipping paths.
  • Filters.
  • Android component fillout - Customising and Theming/styling.
  • PDF import.
  • OpenGL Renderer.
  • Custom Pen/FIll.
  • Eraser.
  • Java & Processing ports.