Available apps

A few apps are available at the moment these are mainly demonstration apps to demonstrate, test & refine the API.

They have not been extensively UX tested and refined. Which is work in progress ...

SuprCards is an app that allows you to create unique cards & drawings and post them to social networks.

Market : SuprCards on Android Market

SuprCards Explodr
SuprCards Explodr is a simple app to explode your SuprCards drawings.

Market : SuprCardsExplodr on Android Market

Twitter infographic
Make an infographic based on a twitter hashtag. This is a prototype build.

Market : Twitter infographic on Android Market

Coming soon ...

  • SuprDraw ( A full drawing app ... )
  • SuprDia ( Diagramming ... )
  • SuprNotes ( Note taking ... )
  • SuprPresent ( Presentations ... )